Customers in the Fragrance market confront several unique packaging challenges:

  • Distinctive product appearance
  • Product and packaging compatibility
  • Demanding quality standards
  • Cost pressures
  • Compressed product launch timelines

Fragrance brand leaders collaborate with CPP Global to develop attractive, distinctive and cost-effective packaging for fragrancesessential oils and aromatics. A team of designers, engineers and manufacturing experts focus on creating and delivering packaging that meet our customers’ competitive demands.

Our Lean processes and culture constantly seek out waste and eliminate it throughout the organization to increase value to our customers, All CPP Global associates are empowered and expected to identify and eliminate these sources of waste, creating shorter lead-times, higher quality and lower costs.

Providing distinctive design and decoration technologies to support customer innovation demands collaboration and investment. CPP Global has expertise in a broad range of finishes including silk screening, painting and lacquering, frosting, hot stamping and heat-transfer labels. Experience in unique materials, such as Surlyn, further qualifies CPP Global as a strategic partner in the fragrance industry.

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