Day of Plastics: Customer Education

CPP Global Day of Plastics

Customers who understand the basics of their customers’ processes are far more effective in managing their supply chain. CPP Global offers its customers an annual education-only event, “Day of Plastics”, to provide a comprehensive, understandable introduction to plastic materials and plastic manufacturing. Schedules are hectic, so we pack our event into a single day at our Mocksville, North Carolina facility where our engineering and operations teams teach seminars on materials, molding and secondary processes. From the classroom, participants spend extensive time on the production floor to personally apply their new-found knowledge to the actual processes. For those who want even more, we offer an optional day featuring a tour of our Asheboro, North Carolina operation. It’s not all work, though. CPP hosts a pre-event dinner and entertainment the evening preceding the seminars and tour.

As described by some of the over 150 customers who have attended, Day of Plastics provides benefits they have only gained through this type of event, unlike their prior experiences with a sales rep or online research. It’s the kind of hands-on, comprehensive education that pays dividends for a career. Participants’ reactions has been unanimously positive. One summed up their experience with “[It] far exceeded the other manufacturer seminars I have attended.”

Customers leave Day of Plastics with five tangible benefits:

  1. Innovative ideas. They go home with a new understanding of how innovative materials and decoration can make products stand out in the marketplace.
  2. Greater effectiveness. They learn about the technical aspects of materials, molding, decorating and tooling. This knowledge helps them communicate and interact more effectively with their suppliers.
  3. Understanding value. They gain insight into the importance of mold design and construction’s impact on ultimate product cost, as well as how Lean principles drive customer value.
  4. Access to experts. They have direct access to experts in design, engineering, molding and decoration that can help them find answers to their specific challenges.
  5. Advanced knowledge. “201 level” seminars are available to second-time attenders to go beyond the basics and offer participants a day on the floor and in the tool room to more deeply understand plastics manufacturing.

CPP Global’s Day of Plastics takes place September 10-12, 2019. Interested in attending this or a future Day of Plastics? Contact us.