Plastics Molding

Customers’ visions for products need to be accurately translated into finished goods. Once ready for the market, the supply must meet customer demand to maximize sales. CPP Global’s manufacturing team is engaged from the start of each project; their input guarantees that customers’ concepts are transformed into practical, deliverable products.

Our plastics molding expertise encompasses a range of specialty and commodity products, including those with high aesthetic standards and products with tight tolerances. Our plastics molding capabilities include:

  • Injection molding
  • Bi-injection molding
  • Injection blow molding
  • Extrusion blow molding

Customers can choose from a wide array of commodity and engineering-grade materials that meet various aesthetic, sustainability and chemical-resistance requirements, from polypropylene to PETG to Surlyn. More than 118 injection molding presses ranging from 25 to 650 tons in operation worldwide provide low and high volume, high cavitation production.

CPP Global’s commitment to its Lean Journey provides the culture and tools for all of our associates to act as continuous improvement agents in identifying and eliminating waste in all of our processes to maximize value to customers in the form of reduced cost, shorter lead times, increased production capacity and higher quality.

Plastics Molding