Plastic Packaging Design & Engineering

Packaging for successful, profitable products is more than just appearance. Customers also need packaging its suppliers can produce reliably and cost-effectively. Collaboration with a trusted supplier in all phases of a product lifecycle is essential to ensuring that packaging supply is never an impediment to product sales.

CPP Global’s dedicated design and engineering team focuses on working with customers to create unique packaging and bring it to market. We work collaboratively with our customers and supply chain partners to meet requirements for cost-efficiency, innovation and aesthetics.

Proper focus at product conception, in prototyping, and in tool and process design is essential to any program success. A critical component of this focus is designing and constructing production tools that operate reliably. In addition to our experience managing new tool construction, we have been successful with tool transfers, often transforming a challenging supply situation into one that returns reliability and quality to our customers’ supply channel.

Services Designed to Deliver Value

Our full range of design and engineering capabilities includes:

  • Value analysis
  • Product design
  • Prototyping, including on-site 3D printing
  • Tool design
  • Tool construction sourcing and management
  • Process optimization
  • Assembly and decoration process design
  • Program management

Every project includes a commitment to seek value for our customers–often in unexpected ways.

Design & Engineering