Customers benefit from partnering with suppliers who can provide a wide range of capabilities. CPP Global offers a complete suite of capabilities to enable customers to realize a broad array of products. From conception through production lifecycle, we provide world-class capabilities, including package design, injection and blow molding, decoration featuring numerous finishes, and assembly. Through our global operations, we can also offer various manufacturing locations to meet cost and geographical needs.

Our associates maximize satisfaction for customers with a variety of design and manufacturing capabilities . Our Lean Culture identifies and eliminates waste, and is integrated into every aspect of our organization to ensure that we use all of our capabilities to create customer value.


Design & Engineering

Services that ensure innovative designs, and properly constructed, easy to maintain tools

Plastics Molding

That minimizes waste and downtime, and ensures an uninterrupted supply of product

Vacuum Forming

Cost-effective, attractive packaging components


Technologies to meet customers’ aesthetic requirements

Packaging Assembly & Automation

That meets the highest quality and cost standards

Supply Chain Management

Focused on speed, efficiency and profitability