Sustainability in Plastics Packaging

Protecting our environment is a value we share with our customers. In the plastics packaging industry, innovation and diligence is essential to improving the impact that our customers’ products have on the environment. Being good stewards of the earth, through practices that maximize sustainability, is important to us all.

CPP Global is committed to working with is customers to achieve our collective recycling and waste minimization objectives. While opportunity exists to do more, CPP Global has collaborated with customers and developed with vendors improvements in sustainability in areas such as:

Plastic Recycling

  • Minimizes plastic waste in its tool design process
  • Maximizes plastic recycling by recycling waste plastic

Use of Post-Consumer (PCR) and Post-Industrial (PIR) Recycled Plastic

  • Offers PCR in numerous polypropylene products
  • Offers PIR PETG heavy wall jars

Corrugate minimization in packaging

  • Innovative brick packing minimizes use of cardboard and uses recyclable plastic shrink-wrap
  • Returnable packaging
  • Shrink sleeves

Sustainability improvement culture

  • Permanent Innovation Council to identify and develop methods and technologies to improve environmental impact


Examples of Sustainable Products and Packaging


Sustainability in Plastics Packaging